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“You Can’t Hurry Love” – A very special love story

Weddings | April 14, 2013 | 7:22 am

Article written by Robbie Fincham, Melbourne Civil Celebrant

The song “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes was the finale music played at Suzi and Evan’s Commitment Ceremony, I had the very great privilege of conducting in January 2013.  What a fitting song it was too, as you will understand when you read about this most remarkable love story, which has spanned more than 35 years!!

Suzi and Evan initially met in Melbourne, in their late 20’s, in 1977.  Between them they were raising 3 children and the individual challenges in their lives at that time caused their separation after 2 years together.  Evan moved to Adelaide and Suzi remained in Melbourne.  During the next 33 years they often found themselves dreaming about each other.  Both very much regretted their breakup, but life went on and each moved on with new partners.

In 2011, Suzi decided she was tired of putting up with her chronic dreaming, suffering and denial and determined she just had to see Evan at least one more time before one of them died.  So, she set about finding Evan and many phone calls later and with the assistance of her detective brother, tracked Evan down.

They arranged to meet, and they described their reunion as instant and on a heart and soul level was as wonderful as it had ever been.  They were soul-mates, and on one level, had never really been apart.  Their relationship is based on a union that has remained unchanged despite the passing of time and their separate, individual growth.

They both decided that after 33 years apart it was time to celebrate their union with a ceremony to give it the social and formal recognition it so rightly deserves.  They celebrated their lifetime commitment to one another in a uniquely personalised ceremony in the presence of 60 of their closest friends and family.  It was a wonderfully joyous afternoon of celebration and testament to the power of love.  As their ceremony closed Suzi and Evan danced to the uplifting lyrics of “You Can’t Hurry Love”!!

Thank you Suzi and Evan for your permission for me to share your story.

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